SugarCRM Talend component for data integration

Build almost any SugarCRM Integration in 10 minutes

Integrate SugarCRM with any other cloud service or your SQL database. No programming skills needed.

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SugarCRM integration

Connect your SugarCRM to hundreds of other services like:

No coding needed

Connect to SugarCRM API without touching a single line of program code by using our components on top of Talend Open Studio framework (free program)


Drag & Drop in Talend

It’s easy, Talend Open Studio allows you to just drag and drop boxes and join them with arrows

Connect to API Instantly

Building a simple SugarCRM integration project in Talend may take only 15 minutes

New Sugar Versions

Connect to older or latest SugarCRM versions like 7.x.x & use the latest API version

Connect to SugarCRM On Premise

Connect to your SugarCRM installed in your own server

Connect to SugarCRM On Demand

Connect to SugarCRM SaaS version provided by SugarCRM itself


SugarCRM Custom Fields Support

You can read or write to any field, even your custom fields.

SugarCRM relationships
Export from SugarCRM

Export Data From Any SugarCRM Module

You can export data from many SugarCRM modules (like etc) by using our Input Component and store in any destination, like sampleother_sources_array or some other cloud service

Create Relationships Between Modules

Create or change relationships between SugarCRM modules (including custom modules). All types are covered: One-to-One, Many-to-One, Many-to-Many etc.

SugarCRM modules relationships
Import to SugarCRM

Import to SugarCRM

Import data to SugarCRM from almost any source, like any other cloud service or MySQL or MS SQL database by using our Output Component.

SugarCRM Talend component. SugarCRM export

SugarCRM Custom Modules Support

You can connect to any SugarCRM modules, even custom modules.

Frequently Asked Questions

How I can use these integration components?

You need to have “Talend Open Studio for Data Integration” installed on your PC, Mac or Linux. It is a free program, just download it from Talend webpage and install in your Desktop computer. Once Talend is installed, you can install your SugarCRM components. Talend handles them as “custom components” and installing components means just copying the provided  components files to the Talend custom components folder.
If you will have any issues, our free 7 days support is handy here, we will help you make it work..

Wait... what's a Talend Open Studio?!

Talend Open Studio for Data Integration is an open source and free data integration product developed by Talend and designed to combine, convert and update data in various locations across a business. You can use Talend with any major operating systems, such as Windows, Mac or Linux. It can be used on a desktop computer or a server that runs your scheduled jobs automatically.
The components we are offering are like extensions to Talend. For example, by default, Talend doesn’t know how to connect to SugarCRM latest versions (only legacy versions are supported by default). After getting the SugarCRM components from us and installing them beside your Talend installation, you “teach” Talend how to connect to all of the latest SugarCRM versions.

What is your refund policy?

We offer refunds to all integration services within 7 days of your purchase. If the product doesn't work as described, then simply contact our support and we will refund your purchase right away. Our goal has always been to create a happy, thriving community.

What about licensing? Can the components be used for different projects, by different people?

Yes, you are free to use our components for as many projects as you like. We do not place any restrictions on how many times you download or use the components. However, you can use it in up to 3 devices, depending on the price plan you choose. A device can be your desktop computer or a server that runs your scheduled jobs automatically.

Can I upgrade after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade your price plan at any time after signing up and you need to pay only the packages price difference.

What Features are supported?

Supported modules
    • Custom Modules!!
    • Accounts
    • Bugs
    • Campaigns
    • Calendar
    • Calls
    • Campaigns
    • Cases
    • Connectors
    • Contacts
    • Currencies
    • Custom Fields
    • EmailMarketing
    • Meetings
    • Opportunities
    • Projects
    • Quotes
    • Product Catalog
    • Projects
    • Targets
    • Tasks
    • Schedulers
    • Quotes
    • Product Catalog

Many advanced features supported, like:
  • Get Entries
  • Data Filtering
  • Limit Entries Quantity
  • Create Entries
  • Get Entries Count
  • Custom Fields
  • Set Relationship
  • Get Relationships

What SugarCRM versions/flavors are supported?
Supported SugarCRM Flavors

All SugarCRM flavors are supported, On Premise and OnDemand
SugarCRM Community Edition (CE)
SugarCRM Pro
SugarCRM Corporate
SugarCRM Ultimate
SugarCRM On Demand
SugarCRM Open Cloud (European On Demand)

Supported SugarCRM Versions


What’s In The Box?

Included Components depend on price package you choose.
Maximum package will include:



Sample Jobs


SugarCRM integration

Plans & Pricing

You can always upgrade your existing package and get more.


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